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We all decorate our home with beautiful rugs, but it is quite challenging to keep the rug clean. But it can be made simple with the cleaners of Harry The Cleaner. The dirty rug is the home of different viruses and bacteria. Get them removed with the best rug cleaners of Melbourne.

We have rug cleaners that are well skilled and expert in cleaning the rug. We handle the rug with care so that no damage should be done to the fabric of the rug. Our professionals understand that every rug needs specialized cleaning; thus, our professionals work in the same manner.

We offer a rug cleaning service that is suitable for all types of rugs. Harry The Cleaner uses the latest tools and cleaning agents for cleaning the rug. We clean all sizes of rugs with efficiency so that clients get their rug as soon as possible.

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Same Day Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

If you are looking for a rug cleaning service provider that offers the same day cleaning service, you are in the right place. Harry The Cleaner offers the same day and emergency rug cleaning service throughout Melbourne. You will find the best look for your rug after receiving the cleaning service of Harry The Cleaner.

We ensure that you will get your rug in the best condition. We clean all types of rugs of offices, commercial places, and domestic places. If your rug has experienced the stain of a pet, any type of stain, or flood water damage, then chooses us to bring back your rug’s best look.

Providing customer satisfaction is our priority. We have well experienced and trained cleaners that correctly clean all types of rug. Request for a free quote today on 0492 001 001. We will offer you the best affordable and budget-friendly rug cleaning service on the same day of booking.

Our 7 Steps Rug Cleaning Plan

Inspection and Analysis

It is the first step, and our professionals thoroughly inspect the rug. We do an analysis of the current condition of the rug. It helps in identifying which method of cleaning should be used in cleaning the rug.

Vibration Dust Removal

In the vibration dust removal process, with the help of a duster machine, we vibrate the rug so that some pile of dust particles may come out. This process helps in improving the ability of the fibers to be cleaned.

Testing and Pre Treatment

The testing of the dust particle and other stains that are not visible with the naked eyes is done in this process. Our professionals use a unique and specially designed solution for treating the dust particles.

Pre Spray

In the next stage, we make the even application of the cleaning agents on the rug. Harry The Cleaner uses water-based and biodegradable cleaning solutions that do not harm the fabric of the rug.

Rotary Shampoo

The use of a rotary shampoo machine is done over the rug for deep cleaning of the rug. It results in the gentle buffing action on the rug and removing the hard to remove stain particles. We do it with proper care.


After washing the rug with shampoo, we clean the rug with clean and cold water so that all dust particles and stains get removed. We also do the ringer process to extract the remaining moisture from the rug.

Drying & Dehumidifying

The rug needs some time to get completely dried. For this, we place the rug in the temperature-controlled drying room. We do moisture testing on the rugs to ensure that it is properly dried. After completion of all tasks, our clients get the best clean, fresh, and dried rug.

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