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Harry The Cleaner is the ultimate choice for all of your end-of-lease cleaning in Adelaide. For numerous years, we have been the go-to choice for effective bond cleaning services in Adelaide, thanks to our committed team of professionals. As a locally owned and operated cleaning company, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering outstanding results. When you pick Harry The Cleaner, you can rest assured that your rented home will be brought back to its original condition, guaranteeing the return of your bond money.

Our experienced and skilled cleaning experts pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that your entrance report is thoroughly inspected and cleaned accordingly. Our goal is to make the entire process smooth and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on your moving arrangements with peace of mind. We cover a wide range of areas in our bond cleaning services, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, etc. We have experienced professionals equipped with advanced tools and eco-friendly products to get your cleaning task done. So, look no further than Harry The Cleaner for all your end-of-lease cleaning requirements.

Vacate Bond Cleaning Adelaide

We all know what a tedious situation appears at the time of moving, particularly when you are troubled with the end of lease cleaning. A considerable number of tenants lose their security deposit because of the absence of acceptable cleaning. Thus hiring a vacate bond cleaning service provider company in Adelaide will be the best option. Harry The Cleaner offers the best quality and reliable vacate bond cleaning service throughout Adelaide at the most reasonable price. Our cleaners use the best cleaning tricks and tools so that you get your bond back. We cover rooms, carpets, rugs, kitchen, bathrooms and ensure complete cleaning so that the owner gets his property in the best condition. We use biodegradable and eco-friendly products so that your kids and pets do not experience any problem. The inspection agent will be happy to see the brand new appearance of the property.

We offer the vacate bond cleaning service on which you can count on. With years of experience, we ensure that tenants pass their final inspections at the end of the lease. Our cleaners are always happy to help you out. Our Adelaide vacates bond cleaners will give you the proper receipt or invoice on the day of vacate cleaning. You can give us a call on 0492 001 001 for any information or query.

Don’t hesitate, contact us for help and services.

The #1 Residential And Commercial End Of Lease Cleaners In Adelaide

Harry The Cleaner offers the best residential and commercial move in/out service. You will get our service at the best affordable price. We offer the bond back cleaning service on which you can trust. Our professionals offer a specialized Move Out/In service to make sure you get your deposits back. The time when you book our cleaners for the end of lease services, forget about the cleaning, we will do our work in the best way. Harry The Cleaner offers a flexible service that will suit your requirement and make your moving process as easy as possible. You can book our service whenever you are coming to the end of your lease, and the time of the inspection is arriving.

Why choose Harry The Cleaner as Your Cleaning Service Provider?

  • We cover a wide range of area
  • You will get flexible booking hours with us.
  • We make use of professional equipment and cleaning kit
  • Our cleaners provide hassle-free cleaning
  • We are rated the best in Adelaide
  • Clients get honest pricing with Harry The Cleaner.
  • Seven days a week service available
  • We offer a customized solution that suits customer budget
  • Ensure the complete safety of the fabric of the carpet, rug.
  • Easy booking process
  • Same day cleaning service available 
  • We offer free quotes and provide 24/7 Customer service.
  • Professional cleaning service at the most reliable expenses. 
  • Complete inspection and analysis is done before the cleaning process
Cleaning Service Provider

What We Cover in Our Move-Out/In Clean Service

Vacate your premises with confidence with the best professional of Harry The Cleaner. We offer the move-out service with a 100% bond-back guarantee. To ensure that your bond is returned in full to you, do the smart thing! Call Harry The Cleaner Adelaide!


  • Degrease the range hood and inspect the filter is clean.
  • Clean inside and outside appliances, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge
  • Wipe down stovetop and clean under knobs
  • Clean inside and outside the oven, including the racks
  • Wipe out the sink and wipe over the taps
  • Mop the floor


  • Clean tiled surfaces
  • Clean medicine cabinet and remove stains
  • Clean and disinfect toilets, wipe down the seat.
  • Scrub bathtubs and basins to remove soap scum and mold
  • Wipe vanity, sink, taps, and spout
  • Remove dust from air vents.

Yard and Garage

  • Clean all windows and glass sliding doors
  • Mow the lawn and weed the garden
  • Wipe out the shelving in the garage
  • Sweep patio or balcony
  • Remove oil stains on the garage floor.
  • Remove cobwebs


  • Complete Cleaning of Inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean inside, outside, and behind the dryer
  • Clean laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tapware
  • Clean all walls, windows, window tracks, and floors
  • Clean behind space of the washing machine

Living areas and Bedrooms

  • Clean marks from walls
  • Clean inside and outside all built-in cupboards and wardrobes
  • The dusting of light fixtures
  • Wipe clean all light switches and power points
  • Wash windows and window sills
  • Dust the skirting boards>

How to Book Our Move Out/In Clean Adelaide Service

We offer the hassle-free and easy booking process. You can give us a call at 0492 001 001 to book our service. You can request free quotes today. We offer the same day service throughout Adelaide and nearby suburbs. You can visit our contact us page for any type of query and hiring our expert staff.

step process of our booking

Let us discuss the simple step by step process of our booking.

  • Depending on the requirement of the client, our executive offers free quotes.
  • After getting the best quotations, you can book our clean of the day and time that is appropriate for you.
  • Our professional will reach your doorstep on the same day of booking and given time.
  • Complete inspection and analysis is done of the property before starting the cleaning process.
  • We use the most professional approach to deliver the top class cleaning service.
  • If a customer feels satisfied, he can make the payment and review us.
  • Our professionals will use the best, and modern tools for cleaning the light frames room, kitchen, windows, doors, bathroom, ceiling, etc.
  • After completing the cleaning process, we allow our clients to inspect the property so that customers get peace of mind.
  • You can make a call on the support team at 0492 001 001.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bond Cleaning?
Bond cleaning refers to the deep cleaning of a home or apartment before moving out. It is also known as end-of-lease cleaning. It is your job as the tenant to keep the house looking as good as it did the day you moved in. If you are unable to provide the house in a clean and tidy condition to the landlord, he may withhold your bond money. Typically, tenants are recommended to employ a professional cleaning service to ensure that they receive their bond money back. Hiring our professionals will provide you with a complete bond back by offering the best cleaning service.
Do You Clean Windows?
Yes, we offer window cleaning services. Our professionals are equipped with efficient tools and equipment to ensure that your windows are cleaned effectively. We value your time and provide same-day cleaning services for your window cleaning needs. We utilise eco-friendly cleaning products that are also suitable for children and pets. We realise the importance of your and your family’s health and follow all necessary safety procedures that are required in the cleaning industry.
How Long Does Bond Cleaning Take?
The length of time it takes to clean a house is determined by various factors, including the size of the property, the level of cleaning required, and the number of areas for which you are seeking services. Cleaning a one-bedroom apartment can take 2-4 hours, a two-bedroom apartment can take 3-6 hours, and a three-bedroom apartment can take up to 12 hours or even more, depending on the factors mentioned above.
Do You Provide An Estimate For Your Services, And How Can I Book Your Services?
Yes, we do offer free estimates for all of the services we offer. Fill out the form on the website or give us a call to get a free quote for the services you want to use. You can also reach us by phone at 0492 001 001 to book our services. We provide 24-hour customer care assistance to answer all of your queries. We provide same-day services throughout Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, so call us immediately for stress-free bond cleaning.
How Much Does Bond Cleaning Cost In General?

The typical starting price of the average bond cleaning service in Adelaide is $30-$40 on an hourly basis. However, the cost of end-of-lease cleaning depends on the following factors:

1. Type of property such as studio apartment, duplex, flat, etc.

2. Size of the house- single room or multiple rooms

3. What type of cleaning services do you require

4. location of your house

5. Degree of cleanliness required

If you are looking for bond cleaning services in Adelaide, Harry The Cleaner can help you with all your end-of-lease cleaning requirements. Along with providing affordable bond cleaning services, we ensure high-quality cleaning. Contact us today and get your free bond cleaning estimate.

When Should I Book A Bond Cleaning?
You should know that getting your full bond money depends on the condition of your rental property. Typically, it is advised to book a bond cleaner one week prior to moving out. However, keep in mind to never hire a professional bond cleaner in the hustle. Do your research properly to avoid getting scammed by fraudulent end-of-lease cleaning companies. We offer free quotes and provide 24×7 customer service. Contact us, and we will schedule your bond cleaning job and get it done efficiently in the least amount of time. Once the cleaning task is done, we allow our clients to inspect the property so that they are satisfied with the results.
What Services Do You Provide, And Which Areas Do You Cover?
Along with bond cleaning services, we provide a wide range of additional services such as carpet steam cleaning, rug cleaning, window cleaning, and tile grout cleaning, among others. Furthermore, we cover all Adelaide suburbs for both residential and business bond cleaning services. Harry The Cleaner is a reliable alternative if you are seeking the best local and inexpensive bond cleaners in Adelaide.
Why Is A Professional Bond Cleaning Service Important?
Our professional bond cleaners provide cutting-edge cleaning tools and supplies to complete your cleaning task. We make sure to deep clean your home to restore it to its original state before you move, in order for you to receive your bond money or security deposit back. If your landlord discovers a dirty or untidy space or location, they may withhold your bond money. Hiring our professionals for your end-of-lease cleaning ensures that you receive your entire deposit back. We can also remove stains that you may be unable to remove on your own.

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